The State of Play

Here are a couple of comical videos that I have been watching for years and showing to artists. When things haven’t changed much with the exploitation of artists and the viewing of artists as commodities, you need some strategies to help you stay strong mentally…

Overcoming Challenges # 12 – Integrating the attributes you use in your music, into your daily life

Recent Podcast Appearance – Real Talk With Zuby

Overcoming Challenge #1 – Breathing

Overcoming Challenge #2 – Social Anxiety

Overcoming Challenge #3 – Baby Steps vs. Big Picture

Overcoming Challenge #4 Doing stuff vs Inertia and Anxiety!

Overcoming Challenge #5 Getting over ‘Can’t be bothered’ attitude

Overcoming Challenge #6 Believe in yourself

Overcoming Challenges #7 Enjoying the Journey

Overcoming Challenges #8 – living in the uncomfortable edge

Overcoming Challenge #9 – Look at where the pattern comes from

Overcoming Challenge #10 – Are we really doomed?

Overcoming Challenges # 11 – Talk To Yourself As Friend

10 Tips for Songwriting Mental Health

When you learn to write songs or play an instrument, the best way to work is within a defined set of boundaries. You have learned a lot about your craft as a musician and, in order to do so, most likely learned within structure – the rules of music theory, technique and how best to learn new tricks. Once you knew these, you could mould and bend the rules and be creative. I think the same should be true for our day-to-day lives as musicians and creators. So, imagine if there was a suggested structure for assisting daily life as a creator; a set of rules to help keep your mental health thriving and feeling happy within your unconventional life as an artist.