10 Tips for Songwriting Mental Health

When you learn to write songs or play an instrument, the best way to work is within a defined set of boundaries. You have learned a lot about your craft as a musician and, in order to do so, most likely learned within structure – the rules of music theory, technique and how best to learn new tricks. Once you knew these, you could mould and bend the rules and be creative. I think the same should be true for our day-to-day lives as musicians and creators. So, imagine if there was a suggested structure for assisting daily life as a creator; a set of rules to help keep your mental health thriving and feeling happy within your unconventional life as an artist.

Overcoming Challenge #1 – Breathing

Overcoming Challenge #2 – Social Anxiety

Overcoming Challenge #3 – Baby Steps vs. Big Picture

Overcoming Challenge #4 Doing stuff vs Inertia and Anxiety!

Overcoming Challenge #5 Getting over ‘Can’t be bothered’ attitude

Overcoming Challenge #6 Believe in yourself

Overcoming Challenges #7 Enjoying the Journey

Overcoming Challenges #8 – living in the uncomfortable edge

Overcoming Challenge #9 – Look at where the pattern comes from

Overcoming Challenge #10 – Are we really doomed?