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Artists are heroic in exploring the unknown, travelling to the edge and bringing back their gifts for us to enjoy. This process takes it's toll and many suffer because of it. How can we support artists to equip them with the strength they need to be creative in a safe space?

Music has rules and structures. Timings, beats, rhythms, patterns. We learn them, follow them and then break them.

We can apply this same principle to daily life, creating tools and techniques to build a stable structure in which to flourish.

With the help of 'Staying Sane In The Music Game' I guarantee that you can make real, positive changes that will have profound effects on your career, your life and your happiness.


Brett Leboff studied music, became a professional drummer, ended up managing friend’s bands, set up a management company with a music lawyer and trained with him for years, has been managing and coaching artists since 2004. "I messed up, so you don't have to!" Read More About Brett.


'Staying Sane In The Music Game' contains stories of both tragedy and success. Brett shares his experiences of real life band situations, industry mess, career insights, philosophy, theories and notes on application. The book explores a new methodology for how to work on a day to day basis as a musician.

Life Structure, Control, Empowerment, Habits, Rituals, Ruling Your Head, Controlling Your Mind.


There is no other published material available that deals specifically with the issues surrounding psychological and emotional health in the music industry. Can you afford not to read it?

You will benefit structurally, logistically, psychologically from the teachings.